OPI Hong Kong Sunrise

OPI Hong Kong Sunrise - outdoors, partial sun

This is a complex color: a pinky coral copper rose shimmer.  Or maybe salmony coral with a bronze shine. Or brandied peach coral with a touch of gold. At any rate, however it’s described, it is a super-flattering color and I love it.  MY pics, as usual, do no justice.

OPI Hong Kong Sunrise - you can see a little more of the bottle here

I actually got this bottle from my mom, who, incidentally had TWO bottles. She kinda freaked out that she had two bottles of the same color, so she practically hurled this one at me. “Take it, take it!!!”  On first seeing the bottle pic, some might think, “Oh, no, no way am I wearing that ‘old lady’ color,” but I tell you what – once it’s on, you’ll be a convert.

OPI Hong Kong Sunrise, partial sun

It went on very well, wore well – and I could imagine this in lots of settings – in offices that require more conservative colors or just going out one’s daily life. I mean, look at this baby in various lighting:

Indoors, very low light - still very pretty

Indoors, it looks more orange-y

In the sun, indoors, anywhere. Definitely a color that would also flatter many skintones. It would also be great as a pedi color in the summer sun. For me, it’s actually a more “casual” color, so it’s not something I’d necessarily wear for a big night out, but that’s only because I prefer very dark, very light or very red colors for those kinds of occasions.

In the sun-OPI Hong Kong Sunrise


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