Finger Paints Autumn Blaze topped with Confetti Ice Ice Baby

I’m not so sure I liked this one.  Well, I take that back – I liked it in certain lighting conditions.Part of Finger Paints’ Fall 2010 collection, Seduced by Fall, Autumn Blaze looks more red in the bottle than how it translates to the nail.See what I mean?  This monaka is some flavor called “ogura.” I could find Ogura as a proper name in my online research, but no flavoring as a fruit, spice, anything.  Hmmmm.  But I digress.

Ooooh, more monaka.

See? It so much wine in the bottle and pink on the nail.

So I topped it with Confetti Ice Ice Baby. . . which you actually see in all photos, but the next picture really shows the pretty effect!  Yeah, don’t know why they called it that ’cause all I can think of is That Song, yikes, in That Tone.  Oh, joy, yeeeeeeeah. Oooooh, pretty, glowy blue bits.  Click the picture to see it larger.


About Satori

I like soft things. And shoes. And cultures. And nail polish - a lot. I'm an INFP/INFJ depending on the day, left-handed, can understand several conversations in a noisy restaurant from tables nearby and consistently sell myself short. I'd love to become a yoga instructor and aromatherapist. :-)
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