Candy from my kitchen

No nail polish in this post 🙂 just candy that I made this weekend.  This is sugar heaven, but so tasty!  Oh my.  Caramel-cinnamon marshmallows.  It was semi-time-consuming, and I needed help in the kitchen due to the amount of steps – but it’s definitely worth it!! Click for more photos of this and another treat!  YUM!!!

it's an army

Check out chocolate-peanut butter swirl!  And practically the easiest thing ever to make.
So… who wants some?


About Satori

I like soft things. And shoes. And cultures. And nail polish - a lot. I'm an INFP/INFJ depending on the day, left-handed, can understand several conversations in a noisy restaurant from tables nearby and consistently sell myself short. I'd love to become a yoga instructor and aromatherapist. :-)
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