Orly Rage

As bad and as funky as my prior entry is, Orly Rage puts that all to rest.  This is gorgeous! Kind of a rose-gold metallic foil from the Orly Foil FX collection for Spring 2010, This polish is extremely shiny, yet still pretty subtle, so it’d work for any occasion – from work to a glitzy night out.  This baby is reflective even in the dimmest of lights, but in any kind of light, WHOA!, it it amazing.  There is no flash in any of these photos; the polish itself is just that reflective.  I’ve only used two cats for this, with a coat of clear in between (so…. base, color, clear, color, clear top coat) which means there are still 6 coats, but shoot, this barely last to the 3rd day.  It’s terribly chiptastic, and my guess may be because of the ingredients that make it so foil-y? But the shine and reflectiveness is so outstanding, it’s definitely a big win.


About Satori

I like soft things. And shoes. And cultures. And nail polish - a lot. I'm an INFP/INFJ depending on the day, left-handed, can understand several conversations in a noisy restaurant from tables nearby and consistently sell myself short. I'd love to become a yoga instructor and aromatherapist. :-)
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