China Glaze Moody Blue

Talk about typecasting.  This great muted eggshell blue from the original Patent Leather collection is a streakfest.  Wow. These photos are all at least 3 coats each and you can still see bald spots and unevenness.  So, yeah, moody indeed. Woot woot!  Thankfully, it was mostly apparent only on camera or if I held my hands up with a direct light behind them. 🙂

A white label with black lettering polish, this polish was definitely made before the whole “Big 3 Free”came in, a time when nail polishes were filled with toxic goodness. 

It’s a beautiful color once you get past the horrible-osity of its application, and is rumored to be v-e-r-y close to Chanel’s Riva, which is already sold out and is for Spring 2011.  Someone on the MUA nail board suggested, when I lamented its streakiness, to try it over white next time…. so I will!

isn't streaking illegal?

I am definitely going to wear this in the spring (over white), as the color itself is practically the perfect Easter-y blue. 


About Satori

I like soft things. And shoes. And cultures. And nail polish - a lot. I'm an INFP/INFJ depending on the day, left-handed, can understand several conversations in a noisy restaurant from tables nearby and consistently sell myself short. I'd love to become a yoga instructor and aromatherapist. :-)
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