China Glaze Raspberry Festival

From the ever-lauded and -hailed Summer Days collection of 2009, which was made up entirely of gorgeous glass-fleck polishes, Raspberry Festival is a keeper.

I think Summer Days is the first time I ever bought an entire collection all at once – ok, it’s only six bottles, but still!  After seeing photos online, I knew I was going to like them all.

Even in practically no light, you can see how it sparkles

Raspberry Festival is a cool red with an almost pink base and goes on with a lighter touch than you might imagine.  It’s both remarkably pigmented and sort of thin at the same time.  Who can’t like that?

Additionally, since it’s a glass fleck and not a glitter, removal is a breeze.


About Satori

I like soft things. And shoes. And cultures. And nail polish - a lot. I'm an INFP/INFJ depending on the day, left-handed, can understand several conversations in a noisy restaurant from tables nearby and consistently sell myself short. I'd love to become a yoga instructor and aromatherapist. :-)
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