Nicole by OPI – Rich in Spirit

Since I could not find any new N-OPIs at any of the Targets around, I decided to venture to the WalMart nearby.  This is a huge WalMart – it’s 3 stories, in a mall, and really crazy hectic, so I generally try to avoid it.

It’s in a very active part of Los Angeles, Continue reading

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REVIEW: Montagne Jeunesse Dead Sea Anti-stress Face Tonic with Dead Sea Minerals

OK, first off, yes, that is the name of the product.  It’s long.

My mom is a fan of these tonics, as Montagne Jeunesse calls them, and I can see why: there’s nothing to peel off; therefore, there’s not the perceived mess as a rinse-off or peel-off mask.

Before even trying this, I was pleased that this entire company line does not test on animals and are vegetarian certified!

(Immediate disclaimer:  I received a fantastic box of goodies to try and review by Montagne Jeunesse’s US etailer, neoteric.  The following is an honest review based on my personal experience)

I chose this particular mask for last night because my allergies have been acting up the past week, making my skin a bit rough and since this one was labeled “Calming,” I thought I’d give it a whirl.  Before putting on the mask last evening,  I did not wash my face with my regular cleanser, but only with warm water, as per the instructions on the back of the packet.

When I opened the package, I was a little surprised.  I thought the tonic was going to be more structured, but it’s really a fully-saturated piece of round woven material that’s loose and unstructured.

You’ll find places for your eyes and nose, and the instructions tell you to remove the piece from the mouth area and place it over your nose, which I did.  I have to say that when I looked at myself in the mirror with this on, I was a bit startled – I felt like I had some surgical wrapping on, or something.  I have a photo of it, but decided against showing you…. didn’t want to scare you from using this worthwhile mask!!

So then I got to thinking fantasizing- ooooh, maybe when I remove it, my skin’ll look refreshed like I’ve had some fancy treatment!

With mask on unlike those forehead gels for fever or migraine aid, so it felt like it was stimulating the nerves, which was an effect I liked.

I’m not sure about the long-terms effects of this being anti-stress, but I was definitely calm while the tonic sheet was on!  I left it on for a full 10 minutes.  On the front of the package, it says 5 Minute Face Mask, but the instructions on the back said to leave it on 5-10 minutes, and since my skin needs all the help it can get, I went large.

On removing the sheet, I rubbed in the remaining tonic, again as per instructions, and then rinsed with warm water (yep, per instructions).  Can you tell I follow instructions to the letter?  Well, I must confess, when it comes to skin care and medical advice, I do – otherwise, I admit to some challenges. 😉

After rinsing and patting dry, I was STUNNED – my face was smooooooooooooooth, soft and taut – so much so that it almost didn’t even feel like my own skin.  I could not believe the effect is had on the texture of my skin.  Now, it remains to be seen if continued use will have a cumulative effect, but I’ll take it for now.  There was zero irritation to my skin or to my nose by its scent.   If I could use this mask every day, I would do it.

I certainly would recommend this mask right before an important meeting, event, interview, party, etc – and I can’t wait to try the other products!

They are all over the world, but since I’m in California, I have seen these at CVS, WalMart and Walgreens – online, find them at, very reasonably priced.

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China Glaze – Go Crazy Red

This polish is soooooooo pretty in the bottle:  medium red with gold shimmer. Part of China Glaze’s 2008 Under the Mistletoe collection, it’s also part of the core collection – but I don’t know which came first.  China Glaze sometimes pulls from core colors to put into a collection – and other times, makes a collection color part of its core.

But the gold gets so lost on the nail.  I don’t get it.  Where did it go?  Does it enhance Continue reading

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Color Club Sugar Rush

As you can see, as much as I like my saturated colors, I’m still a sucker for the sheer and natural.

From its “Sweet Seduction” collection, Color Club Sugar Rush is a subtle pink with blue flash that provides Continue reading

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OPI Cosmo-not Tonight, Honey

From OPI’s Russian collection, Fall 2007, Cosmo-not Tonight, Honey is a lovely champagne.

It’s really low-key and is wonderful in camouflaging minor chips.  So it’s a perfect color for a vacation and for work.

I guess it’s a sort of retro frosty-beige, but it’s Continue reading

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OPI Thanks So Much-ness

From the Alice in Wonderland Spring 2010 collection that OPI did with Disney as a movie tie-in to the Tim Burton/Johnny Depp release, this medium red shimmer really shows off best in the sun.  It’s got some pink shimmer that is really, really flattering on fair skin.

I wonder why OPI has done so many tie-ins lately: Katy Perry, Serena Williams, Justin Bieber, Gossip Girl, 902010, etc, etc ,etc. It’s actually semi-off-putting for me, but, really who cares?  Ha ha ha ha

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Savvy by Femme Couture – Party Pink

Party Pink, indeed.  I picked this up as part of the October 2010 Breast Cancer Awareness display, but in doing some research on this, it wasn’t a new color developed as a BCA release.  It is, however, gorgeous, and very well-named.

I was afraid it would be fairly sheer, that I might have to use it as a sheer French base, but nooooooooo, this baby is opaque and beautiful. It’s definitely an in-your-face, look-at-me color.

It is even Continue reading

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OPI Significant Color

I had seen this color online but never in real life until someone offered it to me in a swap since I had something she wanted.  And since I’m pretty easy with swaps – pretty much saying yes to anything, I ended up with it.  I was really Continue reading

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China Glaze Moody Blue

Talk about typecasting.  This great muted eggshell blue from the original Patent Leather collection is a streakfest.  Wow. These photos are all at least 3 coats each and you can still see bald spots and unevenness.  So, yeah, moody indeed. Woot woot!  Thankfully, it was mostly apparent only on camera or if I held my hands up with a direct light behind them. 🙂

A white label with black lettering polish, this polish was Continue reading

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OPI DS Fantasy

Wow.  This is a gorgeous polish.  It’s even more so  in the bottle, though, because in the bottle it looks like it might have Continue reading

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