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OPI Gold Rush Blush

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, a new desktop and internet access. I swear, I was going loco without a full size, functioning computer. So now I get to play “catch up,” wherein I post the shots I have taken since the computer died.  I’ll … Continue reading

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Pure Ice – Love

Happy Valentine’s Day, loveys! Today I have what seems to be a sort of WalMart exclusive, the brand Pure Ice.  On Nail Board some time back, this color was all the rage and highly recommended.  So, of course since it … Continue reading

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Color Club Sugar Rush

As you can see, as much as I like my saturated colors, I’m still a sucker for the sheer and natural. From its “Sweet Seduction” collection, Color Club Sugar Rush is a subtle pink with blue flash that provides

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Savvy by Femme Couture – Party Pink

Party Pink, indeed.  I picked this up as part of the October 2010 Breast Cancer Awareness display, but in doing some research on this, it wasn’t a new color developed as a BCA release.  It is, however, gorgeous, and very … Continue reading

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OPI Significant Color

I had seen this color online but never in real life until someone offered it to me in a swap since I had something she wanted.  And since I’m pretty easy with swaps – pretty much saying yes to anything, … Continue reading

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The ugliest French ever

Talk about fail. I love the base color – Santee Sweet Pink.  I picked it up at Mitsuwa, a Japanese grocery/variety/multi-restaurant place nearby.  I was hoping they’d have some of those really cool Japanese brands of nail polish, but alas, … Continue reading

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OPI Heart Throb

Before I left my mom’s, it became very apparent that I needed to change my mani, so I went with something in her stash and came up with this:Ha, never mind the divot – I took these shots a couple … Continue reading

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Christmas French

I wanted something festive, but also low-maintenance when I went to my mom’s for Christmas, so I came up with this. It looked great for several days, and I actually thought I might be able to wear it for my … Continue reading

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Finger Paints Autumn Blaze topped with Confetti Ice Ice Baby

I’m not so sure I liked this one.  Well, I take that back – I liked it in certain lighting conditions.

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Orly Bongo Beat

This color suits some nice jazz It’s very pretty, this color – a sheer pink with a strong blue flash. From Orly’s Spring 2009 collection, Carnivale, it’s also super-flattering, and I love it! Unfortunately, I had just broken a nail, … Continue reading

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