China Glaze – 108 Degrees

NOTE:  I still have no camera, but I have worn so many colors that I haven’t photographed and therefore no record since I also haven’t written about them…  So…… I’m going to keep a text record anyway.



From the summer 2011 Island Escape collection, this is a perfect summer color.  Promo pics do not do this shade justice. Even though I don’t really believe in “seasons” for polish – i.e., I’m all for wearing what-ever when-ever -I’m really glad China Glaze didn’t release this for winter because this gorgeous hot pink jelly with fuchsia glass fleck shimmer is phenomenal for summer.

It’s a fascinating color – indoors it looks almost warm-based, but in the sun it’s a cool fire!  It’s definitely in just one wearing made its way to being a favorite.


I’ve heard it’s a close sibling to OPI Be a Dahlia Won’t You? and that you don’t need both, so take that for what it’s worth.

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Camera Issues

So… my camera broke. 

I am still polishing my nails, of course, and I’m even writing blog posts about them – but since I have no photos, I’ll spare you the text.

I may or may not be getting a replacement camera in the near future. 😦

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China Glaze Raspberry Festival

From the ever-lauded and -hailed Summer Days collection of 2009, which was made up entirely of gorgeous glass-fleck polishes, Raspberry Festival is a keeper. Continue reading

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China Glaze Coconut Kiss

First off, my apologies for not getting a photo of this before, oh…. Day 4 or 5!

Coconut Kiss is from China Glaze’s 2006 Spring/Summer Fiji Fling collection and is a fantastic, vibrant purple. While listed as a shimmer, it’s *almost* a frost, as it’s really more Continue reading

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Finger Paints Lilac Lagoon

Click for a larger imageFrom Finger Paints’ 2009 Sunburst Summer collection, I cannot believe I had not tried this until last night!  A suuuuuper-pale purple with gold flecks, this color is a lot different than any other photos I have seen.  It shows up in photos as pretty bright, but don’t be fooled, it’s super subtle.  My shots here are very color-accurate for the 3 coats I used. Continue reading

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OPI Gold Rush Blush

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, a new desktop and internet access. I swear, I was going loco without a full size, functioning computer.

So now I get to play “catch up,” wherein I post the shots I have taken since the computer died.  I’ll still do just one color at a time, though.

I have OPI Gold Rush Blush for you today – and it is an oldie!  This is from the Wild West Collection of Spring 1999, and, yes, I have had this same bottle that long.  It would, therefore, be long discontinued, but I don’t know if OPI brought it back in the new formula under, perhaps, one of the Soft Shades releases.  

I remember Drug Emporium in Fremont as one of the first non-salon places I could get OPI and they were quite discounted in price, too, so that is really when I began my polish collecting, if I rightly recall – Not specifically 1999, but during the Fremont Drug Emporium era. . . which Continue reading

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China Glaze Beauty and the Beach

When I say this polish name, it reminds me of Beauty and the Beast, so the song comes to mind.  This is a beautiful turquoise from China Glaze’s Fiji Fling collection, and while I really love turquoise as a pedi color, this was surprisingly not to over-the-top (or too young-looking) on my long nails. Continue reading

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Orly Cut the Cake over Rimmel Stiletto Red

I was going to wear black and red to an event… was getting ready to change my mani …. and talking to my mom on IM.  I thought about something like Cut the Cake …. and when I showed her someone’s swatch online, she suggested layering over a red.  So that’s what I did. Since Rimmel Stiletto is such Continue reading

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Pure Ice – Love

Happy Valentine’s Day, loveys!

Today I have what seems to be a sort of WalMart exclusive, the brand Pure Ice.  On Nail Board some time back, this color was all the rage and highly recommended.  So, of course since it was only US$1.99, I had to pick it up.

It looks to be a creme, but it has some secret shimmer and it’s lovely.  Of course, you should know by now that I am a sucker for pinks, and this is no exception.  They’re just flattering on my skin tone.

I need to thin it before I wear it again, though, as my bottle is rather thick… so you’re actually seeing 3 thick coats here.

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Rimmel Stiletto

I purchased Rimmel Stiletto because someone on Nail Board recommended it as her HG (Holy Grail) red, so of course I had to check it out.  Interestingly – at least, it’s interesting to me – that I don’t even have 1 Helmer drawerful of red cremes.  Lots of shimmery reds, though! Ha, lots.

Whoever recommended Continue reading

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